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          The brand ihof, founded in December 2020 is the premier seasoning brand of Iyanu Foods Inc. It brings you five distinctively unique, seasoning blends, all the way from Nigeria, West Africa. These five blends come together to form the African Gourmet Seasoning Collection. It's a first of its kind, and can be used on any type of meal promoting its versatility. 
          In the year 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic broke out all over the world, and forced people to rethink their lifestyles. It forced people to stay home, and miss out on their outdoor culinary dinning experiences. The need of making authentic, tasty, healthy meals, in a convenient, quick and simple way, then arose.  People sort how to recreate these meals in their homes, and become an instant Chef. It is for this reason, ihof was birthed.  

          ihof promises to deliver, an authentic, flavourful and unique taste to your meals, in a convenient, simple way.
          It's natural, fresh ingredients also promise to keep you healthy.
          It will help cut down cooking time, and increase time with family and friends, to laugh, have fun and create lasting memories.

            IHOF (7)

            All-Purpose Blend Seasoning aka “West African Showstopper”. 100g Pouch


            African Gourmet Seasoning Collection (Starter/Gift Set). 5x35g (175g) Pouches


            Garlic, Pepper, and Herbs aka “East African Buddy”. 100g Pouch


            Barbecue Dry Rub aka “South African No Sweat”. 100g Pouch


            Savory Blend Seasoning aka “North African Star”. 100g Pouch


            Hot Pepper Mix aka “Central African Fiery Ally”. 100g Pouch


            African Gourmet Seasoning Collection Gift Set 5x100g

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