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Our Founder, Ronke Shonubi had a penchant for deliciously tasty meals and discovered a gap in the availability of efficient food cooking herbs and Spices, that perfectly presents the authenticity of certain palates such as the distinct aroma, rich and vibrant flavour of the West African cuisine. In the famous year 2020, Iyanu Home of Flavours (ihof) was born, a premier brand of Iyanu Foods Inc.

With the simple purpose of turning everyday boring food taste to chef extraordinaire; by offering only the best blend and selection of food cooking herbs and spices as seasonings, that are capable of translating an otherwise bland tasting food to an unforgettable dining experience.

Our producers are located in Nigeria, West Africa; while we are onsite in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

We at ihof are passionate about flavour. We hope that by sharing our passion, & resources, we can bring the joy of flavour to others all around the world. Our mission is to make meal preparation time shorter, tastier, and healthier.

It is our believe that the adoption of our brand of food seasonings will eliminate the stress of you trying so hard to conjure up an array of vegetables, herbs and sauces, flavours just to re-create that favourite tasty meal you had dinning out.

Our brand promise is to ensure we deliver convenience, excellence in quality, and Authenticity in taste.