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All-Purpose Blend 350g aka
All-Purpose Blend 350g aka

    All-Purpose Blend 350g aka "West African Showstopper"

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      Have you have ever wondered why the West African palate is rich in flavour and presents an intricate layer of aroma.  It is because of the unique blend of organic seasonings. With gourmet foods such as Jollof Rice, a popular show stopping meal, which enjoys a richness of carefully curated seasonings to bring out a wonderful taste.

      if you have ever searched for that taste, look no further, because here in ihof All-Purpose Blend Seasoning.  The perfectly kept secret.

      With ihof All-Purpose Blend Seasoning you can confidently re-create those amazing delicious dishes, giving it a West African flavour. 

      Less is more when using the terrific ihof All-Purpose Blend Seasoning, use sparingly on any type of meal, and other west African originated recipes.  Curated with the perfect selection and proportion of the finest and freshest herbs and spices, you will be glad and relieved you chose ihof All-Purpose Blend Seasoning.

      Best used for beefs, stews, sauces, bolognese sauces, African jollof rice, and so much more...

      Ingredients: tumeric, coriander, ginger, garlic, sodium glutamate, cinnamon, starch, thyme, chili pepper, African nutmeg, and salt.