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Barbecue Dry Rub
Barbecue Dry Rub

    Barbecue Dry Rub "South Africa No Sweat" 350g

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      ihof Barbecue seasoning boasts of features that can enhance your grilled or barbecue meal taste and your overall cooking experience. Named South African No Sweat, because South Africans enjoy "braai," or South African barbeque, on the weekends, after working hard during the week or hunting. So we bring this unique taste experience to your meals.

      No more sweating it out in the kitchen playing mix and mash of store-bought spices; With ihof Barbecue seasoning, your grilled chicken, steaks or veggies are guaranteed to be super tasty and irresistible.

      Expect to have our ihof Barbecue seasoning create fun and excitement to your cooking process, as just the aroma alone is enough to arouse drooling before the grill is done cooking! 

      Ingredients: paprika, ginger, onion, sodium glutamate, sugar, starch, Ethiopian pepper, chilli pepper, salt